Top Things Ruining Your Diet You’re Missing!


If you were unaware these things are ruining your healthy diet to lose weight or body fat please do yourself the favor and take these foods out of your diet! A lot of the things that are advertised as healthy truly aren’t. You have to be very careful when buying “healthy” products other then fresh fruits, veggies and meats. Take a look over those foods and make sure you are not eating any of these foods, it will do you more harm then good to continue with them in your diet! Happy Monday!! 🙂

Fancy coffee drinks. Coffee by itself can be a great source of energy or a good pre workout pick me up but load it up with cream, fancy toppings and you can count on adding over 500 calories a day to your diet.
Better suggestion: stick to black coffee

Bagels or rolls for breakfast. Ditch those carbohydrate nutrient deficient breakfast on the go for high protein alternatives like eggs or low fat turkey bacon.
Better suggestion: swap out bagels for eggs

Fruit juice smoothies. Just because there is fruit in in doesn’t mean that it is good for your diet. Those fancy juice smoothies are loaded with calories and sugar.
Better suggestion: Ditch those smoothies and eat a high fiber apple instead.

Yogurt with fruit on the bottom. Eating yogurt with fruit that is already packed with fruit is loaded in sugar and calories.
Better suggestion: Add some of your own fresh berries to greek yogurt.

Yogurt covered raisins. You think you are eating healthy by combining yogurt and fruit however you are really consuming a tremendous amount of calories and sugar.
Better suggestion: Skip this dessert and have a small piece some dark chocolate instead.

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