Top 5 Fitness Mistakes You May Be Making!


1. You are not eating enough protein and vegetables. Protein and vegetables helps to keep you satiated through out the day. If you are skimping on these two important aspects of your diet you are making a big mistake.

2. You are not getting enough sleep. You should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night. In bed by 10pm to get the most out of fat burning while you are sleeping.

3. You are not lifting heavy enough. In order to build muscle, which is metabolically active at rest, you need to stress the muscle. Lifting heavier weights helps to build muscle. So put down those 2 lbs weights and pick up heavier ones to help change your body.

4. You are not working out intensely enough. More is not better. There is no need to spend hours working out. You only need around 30 mins of high intensity exercise to get results, but it needs to be high intensity. You should we sweating, breathing heavy and feel burning in your muscles.

5. You are drinking your calories. Give up your fancy calorie heavy non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and you will save on extra calories.

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