Tips To Have A Healthier Fiesta!


Happy Cinco De Mayo! Another holiday or another reason to drink and eat fattening foods?

Here are some tips on how to keep your Cinco de Mayo a little lighter.

1.Be smart about your drinks. Margaritas can have over 500 calories. Light beer may be lighter in calories but because it is lighter and less filling you will be tempted to drink more of them. Be cautious of the amount you are drinking.

2.Use seltzer as a mixer. When drinking alcohol use non caloric mixers like water and seltzer.

3.Add in some beans and swap out some of the meat to help save some calories and feel fuller.

4.Choose lean meats like ground turkey instead of regular ground beef.

5.Use salsa as a dressing and condiment instead of full fat dressings or sour cream.

6.Skip the cheese. Dishes covered in cheese can add tremendous amounts of calories and fat to your meal.

7.Swap out your fried chips for baked chips.

8.Use healthy Mexican flavors like cilantro, tomatoes an onions to spice up the flavor of your foods without the calories and fat.

9.Eat the guac but don’t overeat it. Eat in moderation and enjoy this healthy food.

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