Tips To Beat the Holiday Stress!

5 tips to stay relaxed over the holidays.

1. Fit in Exercise: Even if it is shorter bouts of exercise be sure to get in a workout everyday to burn the extra calories you will may be consuming, clear your mind, and release endorphins (good stress fighter hormones).

2. Get Enough Sleep: Being sleep deprived will not help the stress of the holiday planning. Choose which holiday parties to attend, and say no to some if you have to and don’t stay out too late.

3. Shop in Peace: Shop online, early mornings or late evenings when stores are not as crowded. Come prepared with a list so you are organized and save time.

4. Say Yes To Help: If someone offers to bring a dish to you holiday dinner say yes. Do not be shy to accept help.

5. Clear the Clutter and Get Organized: Get rid of old toys by donating them. Throw away old and broken holiday decorations that you have been holding on to. Update your calendar with to do items and keep in clear view.

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