Tight Hips? 2 Great Stretches to Add to Your Workout!!


From doing squats and other exercises our hips become tight and it can affect your athletic performance so make sure you stretch them out at the end of each workout !!

Perform 1-4 reps
Hold for 15-60 seconds

Standing Hip Flexor & Quad Stretch: Stand and balance on right leg, keeping slight bend to knee. (hold onto wall if needed for balance). Bend left knee and hold left foot with left hand. Gently press left foot into hand while pressing hip forward. Keep abdominals engaged and posture tall. Feel stretch in left hip and quad.

Kneeling Hip Flexor and Quad Stretch: Start on knees with right leg in front of left, placing hands on right thigh. Gently lean forward to extend back (left leg) to feel stretch in hip and quad. Keep torso upright and shoulders above hips.

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