Three Weight Loss Myths That Are Making You Fatter


The obsession for losing weight can be the gateway for some to move into a healthier lifestyle that includes eating better with moderate exercise. But with the focus on simply losing weight for the sake of appearance, there are pitfalls looming during or after every effort to lose weight.

Myth 1: Diet sodas and artificial sweeteners will help you lose weight while enjoying all the sodas and pastries you desire. Well, just look at what obese people stock up on – diet sodas. Recent studies reveal artificial sweeteners contribute to obesity.
Diet soda consumers remain overweight while destroying their brain cells and creating other health hazards.

Myth 2: Short special diets with drastically lowered caloric intakes are paths taken by many who are obese. They do deliver on losing weight for a short period. But they result in a lowered metabolism.

So when someone returns to his or her regular diet, even partially, the lower metabolism results in less food metabolized while more is stored as fat. This creates the yo yo weight loss/gain roller coaster issues that trap fad dieters. You can actually gain more weight then what you were when you started the diet.

Myth 3: Eat low or no fat foods. The bogus cholesterol scare created by garbage science in the 1950s brought up the idea of a no and low fat food industry. Those foods are also usually sweetened with artificial sweeteners as well, creating a double health hazard. Avoid margarine and hydrogenated oils.

Our bodies need good fats to help build cell walls, and brain cells. Plus you need them for weight loss!

Good fats include cold pressed virgin olive oil, coconut oil, fish oils, hemp seed and flax seed oils, or any other cold pressed vegetable oil except canola. Soy oils are usually from GMO soy. Even those saturated fats in organic butter, eggs, and meats from organic grass-fed animals are healthy in moderation.

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