This Really Can Slow Down Your Personal Training and Weight Loss!!

By now, you probably know that making your own food is generally better than buying food at a restaurant, or a fast food chain. However, that’s not always the case, and your cooking may be sabot

aging your own weight loss efforts! To begin turning things around and avoiding common mistakes, use the tips below to enjoy easy healthy cooking that works for you and your weight loss or personal training goals.

1. Begin replacing oils and butter with cooking sprays. Anytime you need to heat up a pan, or provide a light coating of oil or butter, use a cooking spray, which contributes basically zero calories to your meal. You’ll instantly make any homemade meal substantially healthier with no effort at all.

2. Try to use fresh ingredients with everything your making. Fresh vegetables, fruits and other produce or even meat all tastes great, and provides tons of essential vitamins and nutrients. By avoiding premade foods, and frozen foods, you’ll be avoiding all of the add-ons, preservatives, extra calories and so forth that are added to the basic ingredients. Then you can control what you eat.

3. Try to tailor your cooking to your workouts or personal training goals. When you’re trying to build muscle, for example, you need to get a lot of protein with your meals. Quick and healthy eggs in the morning, or adding lean chicken, turkey or fish to your lunch or dinner will provide you with the building blocks your body needs.

4. Make smart decisions about how much of a particular ingredient you need. For example, does something call for 16 ounces of shredded cheese? You probably won’t notice a difference with 12 ounces instead of the full 16 ounces, but your waistline will. Even better, use less, and use a healthy, lower calorie option based on low fat dairy products. You can use lowfat cheeses, buy cuts of meat or ground meet with lower fat percentages, use turkey instead of beef, and much more.

5. The last tip is to include protein IN EVERY MEAL. Protein will increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories in your weight loss goals.

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Healthy cooking can be delicious, and it can work wonders for your weight loss. With the above tips, you’ll begin seeing how anybody can begin making healthier foods around the home which support their goals instead of hinder them. From there, you will continue to grow and find new and improved ways to make your favorite foods without having to feel guilty about doing it.

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