There Is A Such Thing As Healthy Carbs!


Good Carbs VS. Bad Carbs

Hearing such negative things about carbs all of the time has driven me to write this! PLEASE can we stop clumping carbs into one big pile. There is a such thing as good carbs! Just like there are healthy proteins and proteins loaded with saturated fat! There are certain sugars that are essential for energy and recovery, while others make your belly big! Small amounts of dairy can be part of a healthy diet, but too much froyo with toppings is slow suicide.

For some reason bread has gone under the category as a bad carb, have you heard of ezekiel bread? GREAT CARB! (get it in the frozen section of your super market.) But did you know…Ezekiel bread and Wonder bread have nothing in common. Plain old white Wonder Bread has only trace amounts of fiber and is made with refined white flour. It’s birthday cake without the frosting.

One slice of ezekiel bread aka wonderful bread has 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. One slice, that’s awesome! Whole-grain healthy food is essential for digestion, energy, and brain function which is what is in ezekiel bread. Refined white bread is a close relative to a candy bar. Yeah, ordering a bagel from the deli is considered a bad carb. EVEN WHOLE WHEAT! When you spread a little fruit preserve on your toasted ezekiel, you’ve selected a VERY good carb.

Whole Foods Market has a great selection of whole-grain breads. Take the extra step and buy ezekiel bread, it’s the little things that make the biggest changes!

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