How many of you, in an effort to lose weight, only walk/run/bike? This includes using only cardiovascular equipment in a gym.

Did you notice results at first followed by none whatsoever? Or perhaps you noticed no results at all.

The reason is simple: you’re simply not elevating your metabolism enough to burn the calories you need. Let me explain: when performing any sort of cardiovascular exercise (jogging/running/biking/stepmill etc…) AND IF performed correctly… you can AT BEST have an elevated metabolism for up to 4 hours. So, this means that for up to 4 hours, you are burning calories while doing NOTHING! However, when resistance training is performed at high enough intensities, you can be burning calories for up to 72 HOURS! Most Americans consume more calories than 72 hours of an elevated metabolism can help with. If that holds true…what can a measly 4 hours do for you?

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