The most EFFECTIVE weight loss exercises!

Excited? Let’s go…

Are all exercises created equal? Absolutely not! This is not only because different exercises work a different muscle, but also because certain movements require your body to work THAT MUCH HARDER to perform that exercise. Let’s take a standard bicep curl vs. a row for your back muscles. When performing a correct bicep curl, your body recruits the necessary muscles in the biceps brachii to contract and perform the movement. This burns a very limited amount of calories because the biceps are a very small muscle PLUS you don’t require too many secondary or stabilizer muscles. Think about how easy it is to do a bicep curl?

Now…On the other hand, let’s take a standard barbell row. First, the back muscles when grouped are the second largest in the body (next to legs of course). Second, when you are performing the row, not only are you using the primary muscles such as your lats, traps, and rhomboids, but also you MUST recruit a much larger amount of stabilizer and secondary muscles (such as your biceps) into the movement.

The bottom line…you use more muscles in a movement = you burn more calories.

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