The Misconception With Whole Grains

When you go to the store and buy a product -especially if you are paying more – is it because it claims to be whole grain. Most products advertised as such only have SOME whole grains in them. In other words, they aren’t 100% whole wheat/whole grain. Because of the abundant amount of sugars still present in the food, your insulin levels are heightened and fat gain will occur.

Products such as whole grain cereals and whole wheat pastas are simply the lesser evil when compared to regular non-whole grain products. In fact, our NJ at home personal training team don’t even advocate eating these products for weight loss. The food industry is turning in such a way, where they want Americans to eat healthier due to the obesity epidemic we currently have going. Companies are starting to release 100% whole grain products, which are much closer to natural whole grains such as brown rice and yams. The whole wheat pasta pictured below is a great example.

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