The Concept of Pattern Overload

When it comes to fat loss, it is crucial to switch your routine every so often in order to keep your body guessing. The great part about your body is that you were made to ADAPT. With regards to exercise, performing the same exercises week in and week out will stop producing the same effect after a very short time. Most of you have seen P90x and were astonished as to the hype with “muscle confusion”. It’s a very unique way of saying you should change the exercises you do and the workouts you perform so that you can continue seeing results.

Here’s a few tricks to better help you avoid plateauing:

Changing the resting time between sets changes how your body pumps oxygenated blood and lactic acid into your muscles. Changing your resting times from 30seconds to 45seconds to 60seconds will greatly aid you in your weight loss results.

This concept enables you to continually increase the resistance from set to set used in the exercise while decreasing the repetitions you perform. For this, your body will recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers. This can help with strength gains in addition to fat loss.

Dropping the resistance from set to set while increasing the repetitions helps build endurance and will recruit more slow twitch muscle fibers to perform the higher ranges of reps.

With exercise there are plenty of ways to change your routine; even if it is as simple as changing the tempo at which you perform the movement. The key is to continually add changes and follow the same steps that our growing NJ in home personal training staff follows. Fat loss comes much quicker when muscular gains are present.

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