Survival Guide Plus Workout For A Crowded Gym!


With New Year’s Resolutions in high gear most gym’s are super crowded! 🙁 Instead of being bothered by this just look at it as a way of changing up your routine. Use some of our tips to get a great workout with a crowded gym.

Not only a plan, but a back up plan! Go to the gym knowing what exercises you would like to do, but also have a plan if that machine is preoccupied. This will leave you not aggravated and prepared.

Treadmill. Treadmill’s are booming right now, change things up and do cardio off of the treadmill! Time will go by faster plus change=change! All you need is a little space on the gym floor to do these exercises. Start with kettlebell swings, next perform squat jumps, then burpees, lastly high knees. You can perform these exercises in any routine you would like, for example 20 seconds on 10 seconds off (tabata style) for 8 rounds or 1 minute on 30 seconds rest(HIIT training).

Try to stay in one area. Arrange your workout around few pieces of equipment so you don’t have to run around the entire gym looking for a missing dumbbell. Something like this will do : Around a cable machine, pair of dumbbells, a jump rope and kettlebell.

Use your time wisely. Around this time of year everyone is on the squat rack, has the dumbbells you need etc… instead of being aggravated ask them to work in with them. It honestly can benefit you, don’t be shy! You may make a new gym buddy :). If you do happen to have to wait use your time efficiently and do situps, pushups or even a plank.

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