Summer Slim Down Challenge Winner !!!!


The time to announce the winner has finally come after 4 LONG weeks of hard training and strict dieting!!!
Everyone in the challenge did outstanding. The determination and motivation through this challenge has been unreal, these ladies wanted it and they fought for it!!

Congratulations to the winner Nalani Tesalona !!!! She lost 14.2 pounds in the 4 weeks of the challenge! Not only did she lose 14 pounds but for that we paid her 7 dollars PER POUND and she won $100 !!!!

Nalani – the dedication and motivation you have shown us over the past four weeks is so moving.. WOW! I am so proud of you and how dedicated you’ve become to getting the body you want. You came in here you said I’m going to do this and you did it! I think you even surprised yourself…You lost 14 pounds in ONE MONTH, that is amazing. Fitness has its ups and downs and we all have our good and bad days, the only REAL bad days are when you don’t train, and you see that! You are on the rite path and we are so happy being part of that path to success with you. Congratulations and keep up the amazing work!

Checkout this video of Nalani getting recognized and receiving her money for the challenge !!

With that said congratulations to all of the other participants who worked so hard for this !! Below are the weight loss results from everyone in the challenge !! Give yourselves a pat on the back because you did amazing!!

Anna – 10.6lbs
Maggie – 6lbs
Joyce – 7.8lbs
Rebecca – 9.6lbs
Judy – 1.8lbs
Nina – 3.2lbs
Tara – 11.2lbs
Ivana – 3.2lbs
Cindy – 3.5lbs
Inga – 6.2lbs

Keep up the amazing results, the motivation and willpower was unreal during this challenge!
You can achieve anything you want, and we will be rite here with you pushing you to reach your goals!

“The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race.”

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