Stop Watching That Scale!

Did you know that upon beginning an exercise regiment, you can actually see the numbers on your scale increase in the first 1-2 months?

The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that muscle weighs, and is several times denser than fat. When you begin performing resistance training, you receive the largest amount of muscular gains within the first few months. Right alongside those gains of new muscle tissue, you are also losing bodyfat in the process. However, because muscle is denser than fat, the end resulting number on that scale might balance out to no numerical change or even a higher number!

It’s tough for our trainers to make our newer NJ clientele believe and have complete buy-in to this fact. We are all used to measuring our health and physical shape based off that numerical gizmo. Instead, gauge your progress with the use of a scale but DO NOT rely on it as your sole measure. If you belong to a gym, ask your trainer to take your body fat every so often with the use of calipers or with an electric impedance. Or, invest in one! Here at Gravity Training Solutions we periodically take your bodyfat along with your weight in order to measure your progress.

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