Steps Towards Reaching Your Fitness Goals..


1. Create rituals and Routines. Whatever your goal may be create a ritual and routine around your goal. Our lives can be busy so it is important to design rituals around our goals. If one of your goals is to workout more often then set a daily appointment in your calendar to do something active. The more your do it the more it will become a habit.

2. Break it up into smaller chunks.
Take your overall goal and make it into more manageable steps. If you are looking to lose 20 pounds, break it up into smaller weekly goals. Such as week 1 focus on eating more protein, week 2 focus on weight training 3 times a week, etc. When you break it down into smaller steps the overall goal doesn’t seem quite as over whelming.

3. Visualize your goal. Take a few minutes every day to visualize and feel your goal. If your is to run a race then every day picture yourself crossing the finish line and feeling the sense of accomplishment when you get there.

4.One word.
Think of one word that represents your goal that helps to drive and motivate you. Put that word in a place where you can see it everyday to help drive you to reach your goal.

5. Help others to reach their goals. When you give to others you also receive back. Find someone that you can help reach their goals whether it be the same or different from yours.

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