Staying Healthy at the Holiday Office Party!


1. Limit Alcohol: To stay professional and healthy limit alcoholic drinks. Try drinking water in between drinks and also having a wine spritzer to cut back on alcohol and calories.

2. Avoid foods that are fried, creamy, and covered in butter. Choose salads, baked, grilled, and steamed options.

3. Workout in the Morning: If you know you will have to skip your workout at night due to the holiday party, wake up early and get in an early morning sweat! It will set you up for a healthy day to make healthy decisions.

4. Mingle:
Don’t just sit at the bar the entire party. Instead get around and mingle with co-workers to get to know them on a more personal level. This will help keep you busy and avoid the focus being food and drinks.

5. Drink Water: Consume water all day long before the party to prepare the body for drinking and eating a little off routine.

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