Splenda VS Truvia

Why Splenda instead of Truvia ?  Truvia is the newest Zero-Calorie sweetener on the market, most of you probably have not heard of it yet. Truvia is derived from the plant stevia and is natural and great tasting sweetness rite from stevia leaves.  Truvia has less side effects and is all natural so it has less processing then Splenda.  Here’s a few examples of why Truvia is the better choice for you !

– Splenda that’s made from sugar is highly processed by chlorine and all other sorts of chemicals in order to make it so only the essence that makes sugar sweet is still there.

– One of the ingredients in splenda is sucralose which broken down by enzymes, meaning that whether it is absorbed through our intestine or excreted, it will likely be done so intact. The chemical process used to make sucralose includes the use of chlorine which is considered a carcinogen and may cause GI problems, skin irritations, and headaches.

-Splenda also contains sugar alcohols as part of their ingredients. Studies have NOT proven sugar alcohols do not spike your insulin. Which in turn stops the usage of fat for energy which effects weight loss negatively.

– Truvia contains all natural ingredients and do not contain sugar alcohols. Medical research has also shown possible benefits of stevia (plant that truvia is derived from) in treating obesity and high blood pressure.

Next time you see Truvia pick it up and give it a try !

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