Something different this summer…


It’s hot days like today that remind me of the warm season change… As soon as the hot weather comes, I see less and less people in my bootcamps. I don’t get it… I workout year round, never taking months off at a time.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with someone that pointed out that people have kids finishing school at this time. I truly believe that we can all make time for the things we want most in life.

Here are a couple tips to keep you working out this summer:

If you plan a schedule for summer, you can continue to train at a time in the day that will work CONSISTENTLY for you. If it means getting up early then so be it; we do have morning training starting at 6am Mon, Wed, Fri!

2. HIRE HELP FOR 2 HOURS. I’ve been talking to Sandra Furnbach lately about using my time more efficiently. That’s talking about my world: maximizing my work input while minimizing home chores. Getting groceries delivered is an example. Same concept goes for you with relating to training. You not getting to a workout because your spouse isn’t home until late that day shouldn’t be an excuse. Hiring a sitter for two hours so that you can work out will add the most valuable commodity you have in this world: more time! You were meant to be physically active everyday. Hire someone to clean for you or whatnot so that you can go workout.

3. PURCHASE A GROUPON FOR A FRIEND. Heck, it might get hard dragging yourself to a grueling workout sometimes. However… MISERLY LOVES COMPANY haha! I enjoy giving people a discounted first month of training, because that’s what gets you hooked! Remember, your friend can come train with you for 4 weeks for just $29.

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