Slow Twitch vs Fast Twitch

These are different fibers that your muscles are composed of. But why is that important?

Different fibers in your body regulate as to how your muscle functions. Let’s take the muscles in your fingers and compare them to those in your biceps. Can you move both of these muscles with the same speed? The answer is no because your fingers are composed of muscles containing many more fast twitch muscle fiber than do your biceps. There are bigger muscles such as your abdominals and calves that are composed of way more of fast twitch than slow twitch muscle fibers. Because of this, you can train these muscles 3-4 times a week with optimal recovery.

It is crucial to your fat loss results to train both of these fibers. The way you do so is by changing the tempo you perform your repetitions at every so often. In other words if it takes you normally 1/2 a second to lower yourself towards the ground during a squat: change the tempo to 1 second before your stand back up. Doing so for multiple weeks will leave you sore and with greater results. Changing up the tempo will train both the slow and fast twitch muscle fibers, will build your muscles more, and will aid you in your weight loss. Everyone is different, which means everyone is composed of different particular amounts of each of these fibers. Some people have a balance of both, while others have more of a certain kind. Our at home NJ personal training staff vary our training styles with our clientele base for this reason.

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