So you want to get a SIX PACK in 3 MINUTES at Home FAST…

30 Seconds each for a total of 3 mintutes
1. Navy Seal Situps
2. Leg Raises & Pulse Ups
3. Weighted Crunches
4. Leg Crossovers and Flutter kicks
5. Weighted Reverse Crunches
6. Planks

So you wanna know how to get a six pack in 3 minutes at home fast?

Well that’s cool, and what’s even cooler is that today I’m gonna show you how you can do it in 3 minutes. That’s right we’re gonna get you abs faster than Usain Bolt can run around the block. This is going to be a 3 minute workout with 6 different exercises, in which we absolutely obliterate the abs. You can perform this workout pretty much anywhere, even in your own home, but one thing that can help you quite a bit is having access to some weights. If you want to build and grow your ab muscles using weights will help just as much as weights help in growing any other muscle… and that’s A lot. Just to be clear I don’t want you to grab a weight that’s too heavy or too light. In fact if your not in the best shape you may want to start with a lighter weight or maybe no weight at all. You should be able to do the exercise with good form, but towards the end of each exercise you should feel like you don’t have much more left in the tank. And at the end of the 3 minutes your abs should feel shot. If they’re not then try uping the weight next time. Regardless of what weight you start off with the point is to increase the weight that your using over time as you adapt and get stronger. Which reminds me If you can’t do some of the advanced exercises that are shown there will be regressions at the end of the video, that show you more of a beginner way to do some of the exercises.
Okay so without any further adooo let gets on with the workout you’re gonna perform each of these exercise for 30 seconds and make sure to keep you core tight and your belly button drawn inward for all of them.

The first exercise is one that I’ve called the navy seal sit ups, why, I don’t know I don’t remember, but that’s what we’re gonna call them. Begin by grabbing two relatively light dumbbells and hold them at the sides of your head around your ears. Raise both feet up in the air and bring one knee into your chest as you sit up and slide the opposite elbow towards your knee. Alternate between sides for every rep and keep both feet up the whole. This one is a rough one to start with.

On the next exercise we’re gonna put a weight between our feet and grab something sturdy to hold onto. Pinch the weight with your feet and raise your legs straight up in the air, keeping your knees slightly bent. Raise up your legs to 90 degrees and then thrust your hips up toward the ceiling trying to get your hips up as high as you can. After raising your hips, on your way down you want to take it as slow as possible because that’s when your really beating up those abs.

On to the next one we have weighted crunches. Here you want to grab a heavy weight and point it straight up towards the ceiling. Crunch up and reach straight up as you raise your shoulder blades up off the ground. Return your shoulder blades back to the ground nice and slow and make sure that the whole time you keep the weight pointed straight up toward the ceiling.

Next we have a mix of crossovers and flutter kicks. Put your hands slightly below your butt, keep your feet as low to the ground as possible without touching the ground. Cross your feet back and forth 4 times and then immediately do 4 flutter kicks. This one is gonna start to burn pretty fast but I need you to stay strong.

Moving on to weighted reverse crunches for this one we’re gonna take a weight and hold it behind our head. We re gonna raise our legs straight up towards the ceiling with the knees slightly bent and cross our feet. Lift your shoulder blades up off the ground as you crunch up with the weight against the back of your head. Keep your chin up towards the ceiling and don’t tug on your neck.

The last 30 seconds is gonna be the good old plank, but we’re also gonna try to put a heavy weight on our backs. If you’ve never done it with weight then start with 5 or 10 lbs and work your way up. Position the weight closer to your hips because this will put the most pressure on your abs. Get up on your toes and elbows, raise up your hips and hold for 30 seconds trying to stay as straight as possible. If you’re not shaking like a leaf you better go grab a heavier weight. This is my BEST method to get SIX PACK in 3 MINUTES at Home FAST.