September 2014 Beast of the Month

If you don’t already know, every month at Gravity Training Zone we commemorate one of our earning members as Beast Of The Month! There’s nothing more rewarding than being praised for your commitment to your own fitness program; for achieving goals you have set out for yourself. However, I also give a “Beast of the Month” shirt and the perk of selecting the workout station to play when you come in to train 😉

This month we want to give big congratulations to Mary Ruiz on earning September 2014 BEAST OF THE MONTH!!!

Mary Ruiz, Personal training and boot camp beast of the month

Mary started training with us a little over a year ago in August. For me, it’s amusing to tell why she started training at all. Her hubby, Jaime Ruiz had purchased a Groupon so he could start getting back in shape. Well, because he started, Mary saw and Mary followed. “She just had to do it too because I did first haha” Jaime said.

Throughout the last year of training her, I’ve seen her motivated, unmotivated, and everything in between. The interesting thing is that she still stuck with it. Truthfully, I don’t think she took more than a few days off at a time.

You should see how she trains now…her quiet ass is in here 5 days a week, training for 2-3 hours at a time. And when I say hard, I mean hard. She sweats more than when I workout!

I honestly consider her extremely fit for how she performs her movements. They’re never half assed, never out of form. She’s one of those people you correct once and never address it again. Squats all the way down to the ground with heavy weight and perfect form. Always warms up, always stretches, brings her protein post workout shake to the gym, and just straight up works her rear end off!

Mary, for the amount that you have changed your life, I am beyond happy and excited to call you my Beast. You’ve earned every bit of your functional and fit body. You look great because of your relentless dedication to coming everyday, for lifting heavy, and for telling me to go away and watch someone else workout when your aggravated haha.

May exercise always be apart of your life. I hope you’re having a great vacation; enjoy it because we’ll be torturing you before you know it!