Sea Salt vs. Table Salt

When it comes to weight loss, eating salt altogether is not a good thing. The sodium in it causes you to retain water and may also develop high blood pressure. But is one better than the other?
Here’s a few similarities and differences:

1. Both have the same chemical makeup; therefore, both are high in sodium.

2. Table salt is derived from mining in underground salt deposits. Because of the mining and processing process, many harmful chemicals and toxins are added. During this process, many of salt’s natural minerals are lost.

3. Sea Salt, on the other hand, is derived from evaporated sea water. Because the sun does much of the ‘processing’ here, there are little to no toxins in it and all the minerals are in tact.

Every week when we talk about fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain, health, etc. we talk about your body functioning optimally. Our at home personal training staff always advocate a properly nutritioned body FIRST before going on to heavily-weighted resistance training. Purchasing and eating sea salt will be just another factor to help with your fat loss.

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