Saturated vs. Unsaturated Fats

What are they and how can we distinguish between them?…

Unsaturated fats are normally referred to as the “good fats”. These are the fats that when left at room temperature are in liquid form. Examples are highly found in olive oil, peanut butter (or it’s peanut oil version), eggs, fish, and avocado. Eating good fats along with a taking fish oils daily will reduce the risk for heart disease, will add much necessary lubrication to your joints, and will actually HELP in your fat loss goals by burning stored fats for energy.

Saturated fats are the opposite. These “bad fats” are located in fats that ate solid at room temperature. Butter is a perfect example. Have you watched bacon fry before? When you fry it, the oily substance breaks into a liquid. Leave it at room temperature and it looks like you just smothered your pan using a stick of butter. These fats are unfortunately found in much of the food we eat and are responsible for clogging our arteries and also being stored more readily as body fat. Most places that serve food have a tendency to serve products high in saturated fats. If you have the time – cook at home and choose your foods wisely!

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