Santa Favorite Holiday comes with Exercise!

So I’m sure you know that Santa finished his rounds Monday night and I’m hoping he took all the milk and cookies with him!

While we’re on the subject of milk, cookies, and the holiday season I wanted to give you some quick tips in case you still have leftovers for dinner…

1) Watch What You Drink!… You can’t imagine how far not drinking sugar can go. The problem is that most of us easily get addicted to soda. There’s a product called Truvia, which is 100% made natural from the Stevia plant. It’s not the same as artificial sweeteners, it’s really sweet, and you can make a ton of calorie-free drinks!

2) Watch The Additives!.. We all know gravy isn’t the best but it also depends on how you make it. There’s nothing wrong with using the dry gravy powder from Shoprite instead the butter-infested version. Just think about that one.

3) Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to gaining weight!.. Seems simple but we all need a clutch; a reason; a scapegoat for eating poorly. If you want to eat some cheat foods, you better be ready to burn them off. 30-40 minutes of cardio at night (couple hours before you go to sleep) will do you wonders!

Enjoy your last few memorable days in 2012 and make sure you’re healthy and fit for 2013. If you’re still not exercising, come check out our brand new fitness coaching center in Morganville. We’re at the corner of Route 79 and Tennent Road and we’re having memberships with personal training included at a whopping 50% discounted rate! If your interested, give me and my staff a buzz at the contact info below. See you soon!