Sam Orens – Beast of the Month (GTZ Personal Training)

If you don’t already know, every month at Gravity Training Zone we commemorate one of our earning members as Beast Of The Month. There’s nothing more rewarding than being praised for your commitment to your own fitness program; for achieving goals you have set out for yourself.

This month we want to give a big congratulations to Sam Orens on earning May’s BEAST OF THE MONTH!!!

Samantha Orens beast

Yes, I know I dyed my hair the color of Gravity; showing some true spirit lol! However, let’s focus on our Beast! Sam poked her face into GTZ at the end of January; probably still striving off of a self-committed New Year’s resolution. She had purchased a Groupon, and I remember her working out in a t-shirt that said “yellowtail” on it. This stood out in my mind because she had stopped coming for the next two weeks lol. This made me completely forget her name. When she came back wearing the same “yellowtail” shirt, I never forgot the name to the strongest female I train.

It’s amazing for me to see how many women are terrified of lifting heavy, thinking it will make them big and muscular. I tell Sam all the time that she lifts as heavy as a man. I’ve seen her deadlift 225 off the ground FOR REPS AND REPS. I watched her do a barbell complex yesterday with a weight that grown men use; it’s honestly absurd.

What makes her ongoing transformation even better is that she’s lost almost 40lb at this point! You can see the physical changes shes undergone. I gave her a 2xl shirt lol. She said she never quite wore that size but it wasn’t too far off… She’s swimming in that shirt size now!

Everybody has their own drive; Sam’s is her wedding in October(Sam, feel free to correct me if I got the month wrong lol). You come almost everyday, you’ve been eating much better, you train hard and dirty, and that is why you earned this month’s beast title! Heck, we all want to look amazing on our wedding day, but for a true commitment to your own health, I give you much credit, Sam! May the burpees be with you J.