Our NJ in home personal training staff always advocate proper rest. “Our muscles grow outside the gym, not inside”. With proper nutrition and rest for your body, you muscles should recover properly to be broken down again. When it comes to overtraining, it isn’t only what you do inside the gym. Many times, by not having adequate rest for your trained muscles, you become overtrained and do more harm than good for yourself.

Fitness magazines all instruct you on how many days rest you should take between working a certain muscle, but the reality is that EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT. You may recover after 72 hours, some people only work a body part once every 5-7 days, other body parts can be worked after 24-36 hours. But who’s to tell you that one rest interval is better than another? Our personal trainers tell you to go by feel and also base it off of your workouts. Sometimes your body can perform 5-6 consecutive days of training while other weeks you can realistically do 3-4. Nevertheless, get your 6-8 hours of sleep a night and take a 20-30 min nap during the day if possible.

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