Regain Your Pre-Pregnancy Body By Getting Back Into The Gym


Most doctors recommend waiting a full 6 weeks before hitting your workout routine again, but many times woman want to start exercising sooner than this. It is best to discuss the possibility of exercise with your doctor before you start up again. When you do hit the gym, follow these postpartum workout tips to get your body back into pre-pregnancy mode.

Take your time.
Start off slowly. You will not be able to do what you did workout wise prior to your pregnancy. A 5 minute run may leave you feeling exhausted, when you were able to easily run 30 minutes before.

Do not compare yourself to others.
Some woman are able to lose pregnancy weight rather quickly, but for others, it takes time. Remember that it took time for your body to add the extra weight, and it will take time to remove it. Be patient and have realistic expectations!

Drink lots of water. This will help to keep you full, so you eat less.

Listen to your body.
If you are hurting, then slow down a bit. Remember that you know have a baby to take care of, and that should be your first priority.

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