Put on Muscle with Personal Training!

Did you know that for each pound of muscle you put on, you burn 50 extra calories a day by doing nothing!?

That may not seem like a lot but gauging by the amount the average person’s muscular weight does accumulate to a lot. Have you looked at many of the bodybuilders nowadays and seen that they possess the biggest YET most shredded bodies? Yes, steroid use is accountable for many; however, it is also because they have enough muscle to be calorie burning all the time.

Point of all of this: putting on muscle will make you burn body fat! Even to you women who don’t want to look like a man, guess what???..It’s physically impossible. You simply don’t generate those kinds of high levels of testosterone in order to build larger amounts of muscle. So, train your heart out and send any questions/comments about your current exercise programs

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