Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is a fancy way of switching up your workout routine so that you continually see results. When you perform any given workout over and over again, AND even though you have the weight high, your body stops seeing changes. There’s many ways that you can add variety to your training, but here are a few examples:

1) Change the rest time between each set
2) Change the tempo at which you perform each repetition
3) Change the angle at which

you perform the exercise
4) Change the repetition range for the exercises
5) Change your weekly build of workouts
6) Change the type of training you do (power-endurance-strength,etc)
7) Add supersets to your training
8) Add drop sets to your training
9) Add rest-pause repetitions
10) Change the exercises you do each weekEach day we will focus on one of the above areas so that we can add all of these “tips & tricks to our workout regiment”.

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