Prioritize Your Training

We tend to stick to the same routines and be afraid to change anything around at times. When you incorporate exercise into your life, it isn’t a good idea to choose favorites with your training, but instead to focus on the body parts that are lagging. Here’s an example of someone trying to improve on their squats for the purpose of having a nicer butt:

You squat and squat, and do leg presses, and more quadriceps exercises. You then finish your workout with a few sets of hamstrings. But your squats still stay at a standstill…so what do you do. Instead of keeping your workouts the same, CHANGE IT UP and prioritize your training! Exercise your hamstrings first and then move to your leg presses, squats, etc. Doing so will ensure that your hamstrings are trained equally as hard and you will actually see yourself progress.

Don’t be afraid to put the exercises you need to work on FIRST in your workout. Prioritize and work the muscles that are lagging first.

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