Postural Deviations

Just as the name suggests, postural deviations are alterations to your posture as a result of your daily routine and lifestyle. Some examples include: forward head, anterior pelvic tilt, and shoulder protraction. Many times, these deviations come as a result of incorrect exercising. Let’s look at an example:

Amongst our in home NJ clientele, shoulder protraction is very common. Appearance-wise it is the look of almost being slouched over. When your shoulders come forward, this is a result of two things.
1) Tight and over worked muscles such as the pectorals (your chest muscles) and the front head of your deltoids (shoulder muscles)
2) Weak and underused muscles such as the rhomboids, trapezius muscles, and the rear head of your deltoids.

This combination of a weak back region and tight chest region causes the muscles to scale in a direction that causes what’s known as shoulder protraction. Most of us do not even realize we have such deviations unless we consult with or work with a professional personal trainer. It is crucial that despite your weight loss goals, that you are training your muscles in an equal and balanced way. That way certain muscles will not be tighter than others and postural deviations will not develop.

Also, check this video out on postural deviations: Personal Trainer in Freehold

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