Post Workout Nutrition

There’s a lot of talk you hear nowadays about your optimal “post workout” meal or shake. The truth is that the majority of the supplement companies apply their marketing schemes to the clueless buyer. Today, let’s fill all of you in on what you need after your workout so that you stop spending hundreds of dollars on supplements.

After resistance training, your glycogen storages are down. What this means is that the carbohydrates your body has stored in its muscles is very low. You must have carbohydrates after your workout in order to replenish those low reservoirs. Also, after your resistance training, you have about an hour to grasp what they call “your anabolic window”. During this time, it is crucial to have protein so that you can start rebuilding those muscles you just broke down and also start building NEW MUSCLE. What you don’t want is FAT. Fat will slow the absorption process. Next time look at your post workout shake, look at the ingredients. It should be composed of the above…

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