Personal training Your Back

Today, let’s go over a few simple tips for when you’re training your back.

1. Align Your Spine

Many of the injuries that happen come from bent over movements. Naturally, you end up hurting your lower back. Keep your head up, butt out, and your spine in a “U-shape” instead of an “N-Shape”. This will help spread the weight evenly instead of putting the pressure solely on your lower back.

2. Pinch Your Shoulder Blades

The reason we use this as a rule of thumb when performing any row movement is because it teaches you to use your back instead of your arms. Pulling solely with your arms will leave you weaker and with a less worked set of back muscles.

3. Get A Pair Of Lifting Straps

Believe it or not, you can use these to your advantage. Hooking your straps in allows you to hold your hands open more. If you really want to push it, you’ll be able to hold the bar with one or two fingers. The result will be you using your back for the majority of the pull movement.

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