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Build Your Abs!

Although abs are not made in the gym, you should still strengthen them. Besides the vanity standpoint, strengthening your abdominals will alleviate a lot of the pressure off your lower back, where many people have problems.

Abs are build in two ways. The first and major way is through your massive lifts that engage the core like nothing else. Examples include squats, deadlifts, clean and presses, power cleans, etc.

The second way is through repetitions. Performing a large volume for your abs will help much with breaking down the muscles in the ab region. Because your abs are a highly used group of muscles, you have to work hard to leave them fatigued at the end of your workout.

Last, make sure you add variety in your ab routine. Work your abs in different repetitions ranges and through different angles. Don’t just stick to one plane of motion, for your abs aren’t built to move in only one range of motion are they?

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