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Let’s Do Some Cardio!

Why do so many people do cardio and not receive results?? Well, you can’t just ‘wing it’! You wouldn’t just start throwing weights around and expect to lose weight or gain muscle, so why do that with cardio. Our in home personal trainers use the FITT principle.

Frequency (How often you should perform cardio)

Intensity (The speed/incline/intensity you should perform cardio)
Type (What type of cardiovascular exercise you are performing)
Time (How long you are doing the cardio)All of these are factors that should be accumulated into your cardio regiment. PLAN PLAN PLAN! If you fail to plan you cannot succeed in your weight loss goals!

And remember… you can’t just do cardiovascular. The key here is to supplement your resistance training with the cardio. Your own personal training program may include 3-4 days of weight training but then also having 2-3 days of cardiovascular.

Also, check this video out for a better view: Personal Trainer in Somerset NJ

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