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There comes a day when we all get fed up. You decide that you’re not happy with the way you look and you decide to make a change. Maybe you hire a personal trainer; maybe you start working on your own weight loss program. Whatever the case, we all reach that point one day. What many people in NJ don’t understand is that you CAN get in shape FOR FREE.

Let’s pretend that you had the knowledge on exercise basics. Let’s say you devoted at least a dozen total hours to talking to people and conducting your own research. But then comes the question of “How can I do this?”

Here are few suggestions for when you begin your own personal training program:

•    DECIDE THE PLACE. Choosing the area you will be working out in is the most important part. The reason for this is because the weight loss exercises you then begin performing will be based off of the area you are working out in. You must realize that you do not need a gym membership or even a workout DVD to feel the benefits of exercise. You can get in shape in a park FOR FREE!

•    BUY THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT. No, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on exercise equipment. You should; however, have a pretty good and set based knowledge as to how much you are able to spend. If your budget permits, go to Sports Authority, Dick’s, etc. Otherwise look into buying used equipment off of EBay or related websites. Many of the pieces of equipment our personal trainers use are bought right off of Amazon, EBay, etc.

•    DON’T TREAT YOUR WORKOUTS AS TORTURE. Although each workout should make your have an elevated heart rate, you should not be dreading that workout as if you are in hell! Think of it more as playtime. When we were kids, we used to go outside, play, run, do pushups, pull-ups, etc. This is no different; with the exception of a more advanced knowledge base and group of exercises to go with it.

Don’t let excuses stop you from achieving the body of your dreams! Just remember this statement, “YOU CAN GET FIT IN A PARK FOR FREE”. Think about how many parks we have in NJ! Of course, if your budget allows, then hiring a professional personal trainer will definitely cut your efforts in half. Then you will reap the most advanced benefits of weight loss, while still enjoying your “playtime”.

Check this motivational video out for exercising outside: Personal Trainer in Perth Amboy

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