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Healthy Cooking

Despite the common hype, healthy cooking doesn’t come from simply being conscious about you eat. Healthy cooking is more important than the workouts your do in your personal training program. In other words, any NJ fitness expert or NJ personal trainer will tell you that what you eat constitutes 70-80% of how you look and is the most important part of weight loss.

Think about the previous line, “What you eat constitutes 70-80% of how you look”! If you constantly put bad quality fuel into your car, what will happen to your car eventually? Making the right meal choices, just like choosing the right gasoline will enable your machine(your body) to work more efficiently, and it will also last for a longer period of time!

Here are some great tips when it comes to food preparation:

• USE PAM! Seems like a no brainer right? Everyone knows about it. Then why do our in home personal trainers always hear, “Well, my eggs taste better when cooked on butter”? If we simply ate everything that tasted good, or better than other foods, NJ’s obesity epidemic would be worse than ever.

• BUY LEANER MEATS! Again, it’s another tip that seems to be very commonly understood. However, the factor of taste comes to play again. Just remember, nothing that you ate once that was a better food choice, immediately had become apart of your eating regiment! When you see personal trainer or any fitness professional that indulges only in lean foods it’s because they have built it as a habit.

• BUY ADDITIVES TO YOUR MEALS! What this means is buying cooking ingredients to help enrich the taste of your meals. You don’t have to simply sit down and eat a piece of bland chicken breast mixed with some rice. Buying things such as chopped garlic, onion powder, garlic powder, minced onion, even a little soy sauce and salt will bring your food to new aroma levels. Yes, you shouldn’t over indulge in sodium; however things such as garlic and onion have little to no sodium in them.

• BUY CINNAMON! Why do we eat whole food products? So that they digest slower in our bodies and therefore promote healthy weight loss. We wouldn’t want the foods to digest quickly and spike our insulin levels. Cinnamon has the same effect on the foods you eat. Despite the fact that cinnamon is a natural antioxidant, it also helps slow the digestion of the foods you eat so that your insulin levels stay low.

When you go to the store, look at what you’re buying. Don’t just look at the advertising label the company has created. It might look nice but isn’t the best option for you and will not go with the personal training program you have outlined for yourself. Instead, tune into the nutrition facts and ingredients. It’s never too late to learn or to educate yourself on the foods we use to fuel our system. Knowing what to eat isn’t just cut out for your doctor or personal trainer. You too can choose what ingredients you consume so that you can continue yielding the benefits of healthy weight loss.

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