Partial Repetitions

Here’s a very simple tip when it comes to performing an exercise. Now, it seems very simple when it comes to performing an exercise but it is largely done wrong by the public. Let’s look at a standard barbell press:

When performing the barbell press it is crucial to lower the weight in a controlled fashion, while still coming down to your chest. Then pushing the weight upward and away from your chest. Seems simple, right? The reason this is today’s topic is because many believe that they are still performing the exercise correctly when doing a partial. In other words, lowering the weight maybe half way down before pressing it back up.

It isn’t wrong to intentionally put in partial repetitions and sets into your routine; however, you shouldn’t train in that manner all the time. You can help prevent injury and your muscle will also grow more from completing a FULL repetition. Lowering the weight to its furthest point and then contracting the muscle to its fullest will change the results you receive. When it comes to fat loss, it is important to stay injury free and put on as much lean muscle tissue as possible.

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