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Don’t Waste Money On Magic Pills!!If you look at America’s statistics you’ll see how overweight we are as a nation. So the question to you is: If all of these diet pills and magical transforming pieces of equipment off your television made you look amazing…why are we still having an obesity epidemic????!

Magic Weight Loss Pills

Lipo 6, hydroxycut, equate, slimfast, etc DO NOT work to slim you down as you carry on with your life. They aren’t magic! Don’t skip out on your personal training and exercise program and believe in magic.Magic Exercise Equipment
The body isn’t magic, and neither is the equipment you use. Yes, something such as the ab rocker works the abdominal muscles and may very well build them BUT it doesn’t remove bodyfat! You can’t expect to do abs a couple times a week and lose 20-50 pounds haha!

Magic Weight Shakers
Obviously instead of moving just a weight around, moving a weight THAT SHAKES will make you lose weight faster!! Right?!?!?! Weight loss doesn’t happen from a shake weight.

The truth of the matter is that we don’t live in a magical, fairytale world. We live by well-branded, well-advertised marketing campaigns and Photoshopped images and videos.

Get an exercise regiment and follow it CONSISTENTLY! DO NOT fall off your exercise program, do not stop personal training, and keep yourself motivated. That will give you the weight loss you desire, the body of your dreams that you crave!

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