Of Course It’s A Thanksgiving Post!

So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we’re all going to be enjoying our meals and not counting calories. Today, let’s look at a few simple tips that will help you with your weight loss while still allowing you to enjoy turkey day!



1. Watch Your Drinking!

Nothing washes down a good meal like a cup of soda, however make better options with your drinking. Have water, sugar free lemonade, use your Truvia packets, etc. Even though we normally don’t advocate diet soda… Tomorrow you are allowed to have diet soda! Remember that sugar is your enemy.


2. Have Your Turkey First!

Here’s a bit of an unusual tip. Most of us will be sitting down at a loaded Thanksgiving table tomorrow NIGHT. The reason ‘NIGHT’ is capitalized is because it is important to note WHEN you will be eating and WHAT you should eat. Having your turkey first is a good idea because you will be a lot fuller from the protein/fat combination that the turkey gives before you dig into the carbs. Remember, having carbs at night means you will not use many of them and will then store them for later use in your adipose tissue (fat).


3. Don’t Stress And Enjoy Your Thanksgiving!

Seems like a no-brainer tip, but there’s more involved. Many of us will sit there and stare, observe, and calculate how much bad food we’re eating. Well guess what?.. YOU’RE STILL GOING TO EAT IT, RIGHT!? Stressing about it will provide no helpful use, plus it will raise cortisol levels. And we all know that elevated cortisol levels prohibit your body from using fat as an energy source. Relax, enjoy, and have a great meal with the family!


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