Not Losing Weight ? Avoid Mindless Eating


One of the biggest reasons people are overweight is because they are consuming more then we are burning, whether its too much fat in our diet or too much carbohydrates. Mindless eating is a bad habit that most anyone has… Here are some tips to break those habits! If you aren’t losing weight and working out like a maniac just remember what you look like is 80% your nutrition. Watching what you eat can make an immense change to your body!

1. Eat without distractions. Shut off the TV, put down that book and just focus on the meal in front of you. Take time to actually taste your food and truly enjoy it.

2. Enjoy the flavors and textures. While eating talk about the flavors and textures you are experiencing. When you can actually describe what you are tasting you are aware of what you are eating and how it is making your feel.

3. Slow down. We are always rushing in life, take some time to slow down your eating and enjoy your meal. Your digestive system will thank you 🙂

4. Don’t eat on the run. When your always on the go and just throwing snacks in your mouth you don’t feel satisfied and may even forget you actually ate. When your mind is managing many different tasks and your body won’t register you are actually full and satisfied from a meal you just ate.

5. Be aware of how the food made your feel. If you are having digestive issues or bloating or gas take some time after your meals to actually notice how the food you are eating is making your feel. When you take the time to be introspective and get to know how your body reacts to the food you feed it you will better be able nourish it with foods that make your body feel good.

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