Not all vitamins are the same!

There are all sorts of vitamins out there nowadays that are meant to fill in the nutritional deficits we have. There’s cheap ones, expensive ones, some that are well known, and others that you would just breeze by. Here’s what you should look for.

When shopping for a multivitamin, you can’t know what you are deficient in without getting blood work done and talking to a professional. However, there’s one difference that you will probably start looking for once you read this. Multivitamins can be broken into two different categories: those made from natural foods and those that are synthetic. An example of a synthetic vitamin is Centrum. A picture of a whole foods vitamin is shown below.

When you take a synthetic vitamin, your body must work harder to release certain of its own chemicals to break down those vitamins. Because of this, a lot of what you take in goes to waste. Also, there’s been studies done that because of certain chemicals and dyes that are used in synthetic vitamins, makes them bad for you. IN FACT, these studies say that it’s almost better to take nothing as opposed to these types of vitamins. Natural vitamins are made from your whole foods. This makes it much easier for your body to use and digest.

Do yourself some good and invest into whole foods vitamins and you’ll see how much better your body reacts to them. A big factor that our in home personal training team advocates is for your body to be healthy and well nutritioned before you start putting yourself through grueling workouts.

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