New Year, Here Are Some Resolutions If You Haven’t Picked Them!


YAY the New Year is finally here!!! The New year is so refreshing because it opens that door for you to set short term and long term goals. It gives you the second chance to go at that goal you just couldn’t achieve last year! I always tell my clients you must set a goal for the New Year! Regardless if it has to do with fitness or just simple life goals.

Here are some short term and long term ideas for New Years Resolutions:

– Get to the gym 3 days a week!

Going to the gym isn’t just about weight loss. Go to the gym to be healthier this year, no one is ever 100% happy with the way they look so hitting the gym 3x a week can help with that! Even for 30 minutes a day.

– Eat healthier
You are what you eat, amen! You truly do resemble what you eat. Make a change this year and incorporate eating healthy into your daily regime. Eat more veggies, greens, fruits and nuts. Cut out carbs after 7pm. Each week set another goal and before you know it you will be a clean eating machine!

– Fit into a small pair of jeans by March!
With going to the gym and eating healthy you will fit into a smaller pair of jeans by March! This goal is an added bonus that comes along with your hard work you put into your fitness goals.

– Focus on yourself this year!
Stop focusing on other people for once and put some time into yourself! Use that time and go do whatever it is that makes you happy. Being happy is so important!

– Get more sleep!!!!
Sleep is a vital piece of your performance and the way your body runs! Sleep is when your machine recharges and without that a lot can go wrong. Getting an adequate amount of sleep can better the way you feel and look!!!

– Try to be more active, keeping away from the TV screen

Try and get outside as much as you can. Getting fresh air and being outdoors is so refreshing and healthy. Its effortless cardio! You get to enjoy fresh air, nature and explore as you have a great time!

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