New Jersey! How was your Memorial Day?

I’m sure we all gouged ourselves in hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, an chips. The tip today is to tell you JOB WELL DONE! There is a very big reason that diets fail, and that is because they make people miserable. You cannot limit yourself from eating bad foods altogether. However, when moderated and kept to the limited occasion – it is fine.

One of our in home clients, Gaby Rodriguez, from Keasby, NJ claimed “I don’t want to start tracking what I eat until Tuesday. I have a barbecue to go to.” What Gaby and everyone else that is reading this has to understand is that barbecues, holidays, birthdays, and other events happen all the time. It is up to YOU to make better health conscientious decisions when it comes to what you put in your mouth. Here are a few good tips when going to an eating frenzy:

You can still enjoy that ice cold lemonade or iced tea. Just choose an unsweetened version and add this Stevia product to it. It will satisfy your craving for a cold sweet drink in a zero calorie, HEALTHY way.

Also to be claimed as the ‘lesser of two evils’, our at home personal training staff advocates using 100% whole wheat products as opposed to those made of white flour. Whole wheat and whole grain products take longer to digest; therefore, hit your blood stream much slower and don’t spike your insulin for the “fat gain” effect.

3. If alcoholic beverages are involved: STICK TO VODKA
Again, it’s very hard to say “Do not drink”. Even The Situation, who claims to be all about the gym drinks alcohol and sponsors Devotion Vodka. Stick to a plain vodka in combination with your zero calorie iced tea/lemonade. Make yourself a better version of an LIT. The lower calorie count will benefit you in the end.

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