Neuromuscular Connection

What is it and why is it so important?

Have you gone to the gym, done a lot of rows, only to wake up the next morning sore everywhere except your back muscles? If this has happened to you, read on…

Neuromuscular connectivity comes into play when your brain adheres to a certain muscle being worked. An example would be when you are performing a row movement, and your brain knows to recruit more of the upper back and lat muscles in order to perform the movement AS OPPOSED to using the majority of your biceps for the movement. In other words, you will use the primary muscles in the movement as opposed to simply moving the weight from point A to point B.

For those of you that weight train, do you remember the first time you bench pressed? After a few sets, you probably felt it in every muscle except your chest. In order to build your neuromuscular connectivity with your muscles, you can do a few things that our in home personal training staff uses:
1. Warm up before jumping into your actual sets.
Not only will this help with not injuring yourself but it will allow the brain to use muscles you choose in a much easier fashion because the weight is lower.
2. When performing the exercise, WITH PROPER FORM, concentrate on pulling or pushing with the specified muscles as opposed to simply moving the weight. Remember, putting on healthy muscle will build greatly aid your fat loss results!

Add this to your regiment and you will see wonders with your physical progress weight loss. Want a free workout? Request it online now!

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