Motivating Ways To Get Your Butt To The Gym When It’s Cold


It is not easy to crawl out from under the covers at 6am to hit the gym, nor is it easy to go after work when it’s already dark, cold and all you want to do is go home and put on some comfy warm clothes.
Here are some ways to stay motivated during this super cold weather:

1. Try Something New: Get excited to try something new and fun. This will help get you motivated to go to the gym. Join a group bootcamp class or hire a personal trainer.

2. Workout Buddy: Finding a workout buddy could be exactly what you need, it holds you accountable and will keep you consistent. Find someone who’s strengths are your weakness.

3. Drop The Gloom: Think about how amazing you will feel after a nice good workout. Cold, dark days can keep you feeling gloomy and depressed but an awesome workout can turn those feelings around.

4. Set a goal: Sign up for a race, lose 10 pounds for vacation, get a new dress for a wedding. Get excited for an upcoming event and envision how you would like to look and feel for that special day.

5. Rewarding Yourself: Treat yourself to a massage or pedicure at the end of the week for not skipping the gym.

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