Meal Timing

Meal timing is a concept that is very well known in NJ, but very underutilized. Because of the hectic schedules we all have, food preparation and meal planning tend to go out the door. We all hear that we should eat 5 meals a day as opposed to 3. The truth is that we should be eating our meals every 2-3 hours. The reason behind this is two fold.

1) If you eat too quickly – say 45 minutes after your last meal – you haven’t digested that previous meal. Therefore you aren’t able to eat very much and you will end up fuller for longer.
2) If you eat past about 3 hours, your body goes into that catabolic state where we DO NOT want to be. You will be breaking down essential proteins for energy. For fat loss, that is not what we want. Read more at:

Our at home personal training staff highly recommend cooking your meals in advance. Many people believe that you have to be a bodybuilder or a serious athlete in order to cook meals for yourself. Obviously, THAT IS NOT TRUE. What is important is that you find the good foods that you enjoy to make and that you enjoy eating; then make them.

Also, check out this video on meal timing: Personal Trainer in Sayreville

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