March Beast Of The Month

Every month, we honor one of our strong willed and dedicated members as Beast of The Month. For your ongoing commitment to your physical goals, Faina Kuchuk, you were our March Beast of The Month!

Faina Kuchuk beastof themonthFaina’s journey with us has been quite torturous to say the least :). I remember when she started, she had problems with her knees when she was trying to squat. I would see her once, maybe twice a week sharing a torture session with Ilona Furman. I couldn’t tell whether she enjoyed coming or not because she would always mutter angry comments every workout while still managing to keep a huge smile hahaha.

As the months went by, not only did Faina lose weight, but boy did she change her daily life around! It’s not a recurring thing I see where someone goes from exercising seldom to really becoming over the top. Faina literally comes every day now! She’ll bring one friend to an early morning workout and then comes with another at night. We were meant to be physically active, and this is exactly what Faina understands.

She even brings her kids with her! I’ve heard countless people tell me that they cannot exercise due to having kids. “Oh see, you don’t understand. You don’t have children” is what I hear. Clearly, when there’s a will, there’s a way. She has made exercise a staple in her life regardless of any other circumstances.

You’ve dropped multiple jean sizes in our “Skinny Jeans Challenges”, you’ve dedicated yourself to your well-being, you’ve changed your beliefs in your daily routine, and most important of all…you were able to show all of your friends that IT CAN BE DONE! Exercise will always be a part of your life now, and for this I am proud 🙂 of you Faina! I look forward to making you do more burpees EVERYDAY!


George Perelshteyn


Gravity Training Zone