Make Your Home Healthier with 5 Quick & Easy Tips

Athletic Woman - Stretches

I know how hard it can be with a hectic schedule and little time to eat healthy but these 5 tips should give you a head start to getting the body you’ve always wanted !!
“Be stronger then your excuses”

1. Place fresh fruit on counter tops at eye level. This is a great idea for you and the kids because it will be the first visible food when reaching for a snack. It also helps avoid constant opening of the refrigerator or cabinets.

2. Post a Calendar: It can be a dry erase board or regular calendar but make it a visible way for you to see your workout/gym schedule each week. Update weekly and stick to the plan. Cross out the day when you complete it for a sense of accomplishment.

3. Motivation: Spring time is just around the corner. Get out your bikini and hang near your alarm clock as a reminder of why you are waking up every day for that morning workout. Or hang a super motivating 6 pack bikini- clad photo on your fridge. Whatever drives you, make is visible.

4. Clear the Clutter: Clutter can cause wasted time and a lot of stress. Start with one room this week and each week do another. Get baskets and containers to organize things you need. Throw away or donate things you do not use and know you have not touched in a year.

5. Create a Fit Spot: Collect your mat, dumbbell, workout dvd’s and all other fitness stuff that may be laying around the house. Toss them in a basket and keep it out in the living room, basement or bedroom for at home workouts. Schedule these home workouts into your weekly routine.

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